Friday, May 01, 2009

Don't forget you are cheap. :)

(EDIT: 9.21pm)

I love this piece.
Stayed at home at last, cause I'm a good girl.

CHS bitches, loves!

Its 1st of May!


Woooh, I'm feeling a little sour right now.

It's already the 5th months of 2009!


What do you wanna achieve in this year?
Remember your new year resolution?

Do it people!

I was once in my world darkest moment.
When I was feeling so lifeless, feeling so guilty, feeling so, UN-ADELE.


I woke up, you should, too? :)

& to the girl that's born on Labour Day, 1991!

Happy LEGAL day!
Liyana, Anna Siew! :D

True friends stays with you, walk with you, till the end.

Throughout these journey, I realized.
Who are those that actually stand by me, always.


Was so exhausted yesterday after class
Didn't wanna step out the house until Tzia called.

3 of us headed to Summit for this:

Tong Yuin.

Soya bean somemore! =/
FYI, I don't like soya bean.

Tzia don't allowed us to leave if I don't finish drinking it.
Torture me, mehhhhh.

Thanks Yong Hui Lou Dao for fetching us!
(Lol) I really can't stop taking pictures of the drivers.
I wanna drive! :(

Bought myself a second hand phone! *happy*

Oh yeah, I'm currently using Maxis as my main line.
No worries, still using my 016.

Headed to OldTown for another yumcha session with Darren, Jason, Yuan Ming, William.
Funny people say funny things. HAHHAHAHA!

Then it was MOS at night.

Jia Shin left MOS before entering.
You can imagine how BAD is the crowd.


Ai Lin was the 1st one.

The guys.
Crazy crowd, really.

Muii Yee!

Aww, all my CHS friends!
Miss em' so much!

Especially my daughter.

Myself, Hoe Yen & Yong Sern.

Mabs, you are not ugly okay! :)

Even Nicholas was there! WAAA-AAOOOO.
Long lost friend woi.

Not forgetting my full time sayang :)

& Chi Li, the vain pot.

More pictures coming, sorry lah! :(
Last night was too happening mah.

Yen & my Sweet Friend, Yee Hui!

We went to the dance floor just to find them.
Hoe Yen, Myself, Sarah, Cheryl & Wei Wei!

The mother & daughter's eyes look almost the same.

Meeting Victor there was the bomb!

Not forgetting Billy!
I love everything he said la, lol!

Carmen, reminds me of my assignments!

Sean was the funniest part, always.

Cassidy, speechless.

Toilet break.

My favourite shot of the night.

Calista, you should be studying at home!
Drunkard baby, haha.

Wise & Kevin.
The last time I saw them was ages ago, AGES ago.

Gone case people.
But still can help me jaga bag, thanks Darr!

Wai Loong :)

Take One.

Stephiie, nice meeting you babe!

I was THAT red.
Melisa baby came! :D

I don't really like MOS after some bad incident happened last few times when I was there.
But yesterday night, it was really a night that's captured my heart.

I did not get drunk,
I did not dance all night long,
I just like the feelings I had yesterday.


Hopped over to Coco Banana because Willie is picking Jeslyn & I up for yumcha session after club. With our course mates, at AC.

Steph steph steph, gone case lah you. :D

Did't really drink much or cam-whored at Coco because I was soooooo tired.
Basicly, Melisa & I just sat at the sofa, kept each other entertained by gossiping. Lol!

Left with Jeslyn to AC.
Met up with the coursemates, Wei Juan picked me up later on.
Thought going home one, go Canai pulak.

Another yumcha session with Darren & gang.
Tired like, *insert all the bad words*!!

We are just there for each other, always.

This morning, Tzia's phone call woke me up.
She came to my place, headed to Taipan after that.

What we did?
Haha, you'll see.


Swimming later on with Jia Shin, maybe?
Assignments discussion tonight with Howard?
Or Genting?

P/s: Going for a check up this Sunday, thanks for your concern people! :)
P/s (ii): I'm so into Utada Hikaru's Come Back To Me. Thanks to IvanK la. Lol!

Do you know how dissapointed am I?
Wont trust you anymore.
Never will.

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