Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know you still love me.

Cause the flash back wont leave me alone.

Baby come back to me?
Because I'm your one in a million,
I'll be everything you need.

I don't even know why I did it.
I'm sorry.

Its not easy, 2 years aint easy.


Hey peeposss!
Its 12.18pm now & I'm at the library blogging :)

Today is a happy day filled with lame jokes & phrases. So far la! *Nyek.
I'm always the happy girl ma, heeheh :p

Better blog now because class is ending at 3pm later, wont be going home so soon & yeah, I'm hitting the club tonight.

Cassidy's farewell - Supper Club.
Jeslyn? - MOS / Coco Banana.
Coursemates, Hoeyen? - Barcelona.


So it was Jie Yi's 17 on the 28th of April.
We decided to have a small dinner gathering, so Full House it was.

Thanks Baby Melisa for fetching us around, muacks! :)

My 1st time there, not bad.

A typical shot of the restaurant/cafe?

It was really pretty, amazingly.

Its like your house. Pretty!

The shirts are for sale, spot Jeslyn! (lol)

All white & black shades ONLY.

I really love the deco! :)

We sat at the balcony? Haha.

I don't mind going back there again!

Or should I say,
Its a must to visit this cute little store with your girlfriends, boyfriends or family!

Its really a nice & romantic place to chill,
Trust me :)

Cute menu, not forgetting the dishes are served with reasonable price.

I want this to be in my room! Awww.

Jeslyn & I.

The birthday girl is happy!



Or Chicken?

Full House Sandwishes. Yummay!

Chicken wings, you really should give it a try.

Its not expensive, surprisingly.
The foods & drink are all below RM20. :)

Cake time!

I don't know what present to get you so I hope you will like the cake alright? :)

Jie Yi & I.

Amanda & I.

Nicole Ong.

"Eh Jie Yi DONT MOVE! Let me take picture 1st!"

Adele, Amanda, Melisa, Jeslyn, Nicole & Jie Yi.


Left the place after dinner, headed to Mcd drive thru.

Nicole & Amanda was so hyper, lol.


And the night ends like that. :)

Went out with Tzia yesterday.
I think her 5800 is drinking with her more than me.

Gtg now, class is starting real soon!

*head shivers again*
(I wanna go for a check up, BUT. I'm scared. What if, something is wrong with my head? Sigh.)


Coldness went into my soul;

I know,
I don't wanna be alone anymore.

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