Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You made me do this.

Yes, I've been M.I.A-ing for like, more than two days already.
Sorry my dear readers, I miss my blog as much as I missed you people! :)

Yeap I'm currently at the library located at B3 10th floor at Taylors PJ.
What to do? 2 hours break mahhhh.

David Archuleta is going to KDU tomorrow.
Can I have a signature from him?


Thanks Min! :D

I promise, I'll do a PROPER UPDATE TONIGHT.
(If my computer is functioning la)

Oh & yes. I was so upset because I missed out NuffNang Music Bash. :(
Nah, there is always next time.

I gtg!
Gonna do a card for David Archuleta :) Ha!

P/s: Will reply the tags tonight, Loves!

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