Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I knew I was the luckiest woman because I met him.

"Don't judge a new relationship,
Don't even say a shit about it."

"Date someone that makes you feel better, not WORST.
If you are feeling the other way round, LEAVE."

Says Sir Indy.


Hello darlings!

Good morning. Its 9.49am now, thank God class is canceled but also thank God we have to hand in assignments this week. So yeah, heading to coll later. =/


Btw, how are you people feeling today?
Don't forget to put on a BIG WIDE SMILE before you step out your house :)

Its 28th of April today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIEYI! (Heh, Big girl lor. Love ya!)

So it was Knight Castle, at Bukit Tinggi.

Skip the whole journey la, hahaha.
We reached there about 8pm I guess?

That's our cutie Jia Shin :p
(yes she was washing her face that explains the hairstyle.)

While Sher & I are camwhoring.

Dinner around 10plus before heading to the rave.

She don't like her face in this picture, so yeah. Lol!

On the way.

3 of us, Ga-Ga over the cameras. *oops!

Here we are!

Met up with Melisa & Ah Pin a while, then they went down to celebrate Jie Yi's big day.
Melisa insists to tell me something ma, damn cute! :D

The stage of the DJ.
The bass are not surround. Tsk, not fun enough.

"We are at Rave now!!" -__________-

Sayang & I.

I like the blue. Not I edit one okay!

Wonder why we wore shades even though its a night party?

Because everyone do so. HAHAHAHA!

Bumped into Ming Yu.
This time, purple effect! :p

& one of his friend.
(Spot the pink square papers..)

The crowd wasn't crazy, wasn't hot as well.
David Archuleta's showcase lagi banyak! *laughs

You should know who is this by now.

Lol, I bet you know her if you read my blog frequently :D

Jiashin, Myself & Shermaine.

Hugs tightly*

Lean on me baby :)

Its Sheng, with us at the dance floor?

Then I met Bryan inside the hotel!
He damn slim already lor.

Pouz, lagi skinny.
I'm like some giantic people beside her.

& Ricky was super hyper, asking people to find his "Kun Ching" ?

Whenever I pass by somewhere, " ADELE ADELE!!! "
Must be him one lor. HAHAHA!

The best part was meeting AJ there.
You drunkard!
Luckily got Qing Huang to send us back. Lol.

Didn't manage to snap a pic with Nicole, Jershen, Jeffrey, Andrea & her boyf!

Then, back to sleep lor :(

The next day, our just-woke-up look.

That's not my shirt btw. Lol!

Bradley cooked Maggi for all of us! Lol.
Not bad lar, hehe.

Headed back to Subang around 10pm?

Jia Shin's mini celebration at her house, NEXT POST.

Its 10.17am now, gtg.
Enough of playing, its time to work hard!!

Assignments are killing me. HELP! :(
After next week, sem break! Nyek. Poker time! But then hor, mid-term right after sem break. -__________-


K la bye.


You make me upset when you constantly accusing.

we wont let it go for nothing.

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