Monday, March 02, 2009

Nobody got to belong to nobody.

Love is difficult.

Yes? No?

Or should I say, relationship is difficult?

Including boy-girl relationship, friendship, family?


" Rain, rain, go away..
Come again some other day..

Its like, raining more than twice a day now. I don't like it.

But my feelings these days are exactly like the whether. Heavy & moody?
Just thinking a little too much I guess?

I think a lot, I think about everything.

Love need to occurs in a relationship because it comes not from the head but from the heart that explains why Love Is Difficult. If it came from the head only smart people would love. (Lol)

Love is hard.

In my heart it seems to be hard because there are always conflicting loves pulling in opposite directions. You always can't make up your mind. Are you with me?

Love don't mean changing who you are to be who somebody wants you to be.
Even Jessica Simpson says so. (Lol again)

Yes, you have to find your own direction, to make sure you wont get lost?

p/s: Tell me about it.

I am lost.

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