Saturday, February 28, 2009


Was too boring so I decide to log in my @!#$%^&*( years ago's MSN

& GUESS WHAT!!?! -

I cant believe that I was once a stupid typo LALA ohmy effin' GAAAAAAAWD!!!!!

(ohmy god I still cant believe it -.-)


Mahjong's loves!

I am currently so addicted to Mahjong! :(
Its soooo NOT good lar. Gamble gamble gamble!!

But seriously,


(Play without money lor, can lar right? Laughs.)

J, Take me away to somewhere that we can be alone..

(So that I can punch you like nobody's business!!! :D :D)

I need,
I want,
I miss,



CASH!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I have not been working for one month already, & guess what? I have not get my pay cheques yet! :(

I need a phone! My stupid phone is dying soon because the joy stick sudah mati wth.


Its March already! SOOOOOOO FASTTT?!!!!?!

Im off now to One Utama! :S
Please tell me its a nice movie.


YESH Im back to INC again after the "Movie"!!
Guess what? Jiashin & I did't had the chance to watch it.

You know why, less one sit!! -.-

So yeah, both of us WOULDN'T WANNA DITCH EACH OTHER ALONE so we had no choice but to stone outside the cinema for 1 & a HALF HOUR!! =/

Grrrrrrrrrrreat, right? *HAH!* Arghh!

SO NOW, tell me is Street Fighter good movie? I don't know.

Btw, Do you people know Jay Chou has his own Restaurant in Taiwan? Awww.
How much I wish I could have a look in it :(

The deco's are based on the movie, Secret.

The antique piano in the movie!

Its damn cute laa!!!
Haha, those who watched the movie, Secret will understand. :)

Toodles ` XO !

p/s: Anyone interested to attend the event at Mardi next Thurs?? :) :)

Oh its 2.27am now.
Past 12am?

Wooo, Happy 4th months Anniversary, J.

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