Friday, March 27, 2009

Face angle?

Good morning people! :)

I feel so damn healthy at this moment because its not 4+ midnight or what but its 10.31am right now!! Haha, & I actually slept at 10+ yesterday night but end up waking up at 4+ in the morning. Still, its been a while.


By the way, seems like everyone is saying my picture in my previous post doesn't look like me. But some say its pretty..

So the conclusion is:

- That picture is pretty, but it doesn't look like me, AT ALL!

Hah, you get me, yet?
If you don't, let me explain it to you. :)

I don't look good in real life(doesn't mean I look super fabulous in pictures la) because I've a super round & fat face, dark skin complexion not forgetting pimples & black head all over.

I still have the guts & somehow love to camwhore because I personally think that I always look better in pictures.

Surprisingly, I actually gain a little confident after seeing the results of my pictures.

Okay, why are my pictures not that ugly leh?
Because I know how to capture the best angle of myself.


To make my face look slimmer, instead of looking to the camera with your front angle, look to the side(A bit enough la of cause).


See? My face look sharp. Haha.

Without make up, without hair covering the side of my face.

Or you wanna see this FAT FACE ADELE.
Told ya my face is right round right fat.

Now you know why some of my pictures doesn't look like me. *laughs* / *sobs*

Give me some time alright? I will try my best to slim down!!
Thank you very muchhieeee. Lol.

Let's have some fun this beat is sick.

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