Sunday, February 01, 2009

Its never simple nor easy.

Its February people!

One month had passed, just.. so.. FAST!! 2009.. 11 more months to go. *giggles*
What have you been doing for the past whole month?


If you had just wasted your whole month(like me lar so lifeless), C'mon peeps! Its time to buckle up!

Feb will be a better month. I doubt so?

Lol, As you can see, its my FEBRUARY RESOLUTION. (wth)

1. Take my driving test!!

2. Diet!

3. Exercise. Such as swimming, jogging? (at least twice a week!)

4. A hair-do.

5. Start working on weekends.

Oh not forgetting, February is the favourite month for all the couples -

Its Valentines Day! (:

A day to show your other half how much you love' em.

What are you guys gonna do on that day? Its a Saturday! Holla, Weekends.
Better start thinking & start booking places before everywhere gets fully booked!

Chocolates? Flowers? Teddy bears? Couple Tees/Rings/key chains?
Lol, that's the typical valentines pressies lor.

I suggest A Hand Made Card!

Instead of saying I love you, WRITE IT OUT!

Awww, Love Letters do melt your hearts right? (:


I almost forgotten, I'm single already. Sigh -
Valentines is gonna be a hard time for me.

I miss him. Argh. Okay enough. Lets go on with my post aite?

Nevermind, I've got my syg: Shermaine Leong to be with me!
Hor, Hor baby?

Btw, I followed Tzia to a Nuff Nang CNY party.
(something like that lar)

As you can see, I love playing Mah Jong!

I should have "EAT BIGGER" because I got 3 "Fei's" - Haha!

Went over to AC around 7pm to meet up with Js, Brad, Chun Min.
Did nothing & then headed back to Jiashin's house.

Out of no where, Nicole asked me out for a movie with the rest. So yeah, she picked me up from Jiashin's house & there we go, Pyramid.

Not bad, not bad. You know that part when the own father killed his daughter & the part Lucian wanna save Sonya so badly.... Awww, That is what you called LOVE lar. Joke!

After the movie, all of them went to Wei Juan's house to gamble. Yes again!
So yeah, I refused to since Sher asked me along to Barcelona with her cousins. There we go again! Laughs*

Hard Candy!

Angelynn was there too!

Bee Kuan camera shy, Lol.

Shit, I dont rmb her name already.
Leng Lui lar. (:

Syg, Myself, Leng Lui 1 & Leng Lui 2.

Focus on that Ciggy, Hah!

Im inlove with you.

Rui Yi, Leong. (:

Long tongue!

Act cute omg omg.

& the day ends like that again.

NO NO, February.
Healthy, earn money! (:

My love for you tends to tangent 90, Its ever lasting & never ending.

God determines who walks into your life,
its up to you to decide who you let walk away,
who you let stay,
and who you refuse to let go.

(Credits to Regina)

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