Monday, January 19, 2009


" My hands, My hands, My My My - hands..
My hands of the cookie jar. "

How are you people?



Enjoying life?

As for me, I'm currently still working till end of this month.
After this, outstations? I wanna go Thailand, Bali, Redang, Langkawi? Lol.

Life goes on, you know?

I cant wait till the day SPM results is out! March right? Awwww.

Yes I'm excited,
Yes I'm afraid,
Yes I'm nervous.


Talk about life?
I'm real bored of clubbing nowadays. Sigh. Maybe I've went across the limit before this that's why I'm feeling this now.

I would prefer to hit the bar? Chill & play some lame games with ze friends.
Or either go to the Cyber(Lol) & train my LEFT 4 DEAD. (laughs*)

Hmm, On the other hand, I would love to spend more time to dolled up myself.
Haha, I cant wait till I step in College.

Meet new people, new environment..

My current favourite phrase :

" Life Goes On.. "


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