Saturday, December 13, 2008

I did it, once more!

I would like to show you this:
(muahahah I cant stop laughing!)









Hehe, Its me on the left & Melisa on the right! :)

I don't remember when is this but I know it was super long ago.
Besties always. Ahah.

This is how we look like after 2 years I guess?
I'm the left one, Mel is on the right. (:



Oops, I did it again!
Red is just so Adele. Lol!

Falling back into the same hole again?
You'll see.
I love my bitch, more than my s*hai.

Soooo, my week was like,
Went for a movie session with Jeff, Bryan, Pouz, Jason & Pam on Monday.

Venue: Ou.
Adele's rate: 8/10 :)

Baby Pam

Uber adorable. ;p

Tuesday, off to Thailand with Jeff, his dad & his uncles.
It was a very short yet tiring trip.


Say HI!



Framing up the "Cha Tu Kamm"

We look like brothers & sisters.

The coconut was great.

Not forgetting the dishes :)

I like this picture, somehow.

You know what, we're not allowed to get beer after 12midnight,
in Thailand.


Why M'sia tak ada M&M dark chocolate?!! :(


Oh & we left the next day.

Bye bye room 521.

Cute "Taxi"

Horrible peoples.

Awesome location with 7-11 around.

We checked out.

I have nothing better to do.

The ciggy packets are sooooooo disgusting.
See already pun tak de mood mau smoke lor.

I ate great foods, bought great things at Thailand
& the best part is,
not a single cent is used by my own. :) heh!

Reached back KL around 11+pm.
Headed straight to Coco Banana. (So lame.)

My outfit for that night was super so-not-club-attire!

I wore this-

hers is green.
Mine was orange colour + yellow flip flop.
Yeah right, funny is't it?

This surprised me even more.
Sweet couple! :)

My best friend & me best kor!

Bayu the bouncer.

I, Pouz, Jie Yi & Melisa.

Oh ya, I wore this glasses too!

Jeff & his chiqas. Lol.

Pouz & I.

Steph wore my nerdy specs :)

& the night ends like that -


The next day, was suppose to go Sg. Wang but in the end we went to MidValley because I had to attend an event dinner with my Juicy girls.

Nando's with Jie Yi, Mel & Pin.

Rushed back to my place, then Mel's place.
& then Pin dropped me to Jia Shin's place.

Thanks MING YU for driving us all the way to Hartamas! :)

The place was nice, atmosphere was cool, people around are friendly.
No doubt, It was a fun night.
Met some M'sia celebrities.(neh those chinese actors ahh)

Melissa Campbell was there too.

Not forgetting her HOT 14 year old brother -

Simon Campbell.

Left around 10+pm.
Went over to SS2 Island Cafe for a drink.

Then I went to Barcelona because of Amira!
(You owe me girl!)
Its her boyfriend's birthday. Met a lot of familiar faces :)

Brought Manda, Nic & Sarah in around 2am.
It was a SO-SO night, due to the misunderstandings that happened.

Reached home about 4am.

Its 5.41pm now.

I'm going to Pyramid soon.
Movie at night with Jiashin & Brad?

Then Hean's party at Barcelona!
& then Coco Banana, AGAIN. -____________________-


What expression is that, Adele?!

You will never know what am I thinking.

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