Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm just like that.

(A picture of Jiashin & I taken at Coco Banana 2 days ago)

Take my hand, Take a breath.
Close your eyes & let the music be your guide.
Can I have this dance, baby?

Father Lord,
Thanks for taking all my pain away.
Thanks for the happiness you gave me.

I appreciate it O' God.
Bless the peoples around me especially Mum.



I hope that the time can past faster, just a little faster.
Because I want SPM to end faster!

Imaginating myself having fun everyday.
Earning cash, shopping, vacations, dressing up, meeting up with friends & partayyyy!!


Please Adele, Dont dream first can ah! Haha.
(Another 2 more weeks. Yes TWO MORE FREAKING WEEKS ONLY!)

Anyway, nothing much to blog.
Oh I've been hanging out with Jiashin everyday.

I miss my girls! :(

Boo, baby is waiting me now.
I gtg, bye bye.


p/s: Thanks to Bradley for teaching Jeffy to talk like you.
(keep saying I'm dumb. -_______________-)

Your eyes,
They tell me how much you care.

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