Friday, October 10, 2008

Love aint something easy? I agreed.

I realized that I aint suitable for relationship yet.
Thanks to you that hurt me so bad.

Life's always like that is't it?
I'll learn to stand by myself.
I know I have to.

I aint in the blogging mood now.
I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking.


Last Thursday: MOS(Ladies Night)

I had already update about that night, these are just pictures stolen from Steph's blog.

Steph's shy :)

Jeffy & I, Munkit & Steph.

Kiss me.

Kiss me again!
(Look at Jeffy's expression O.O)



Stephanie JN.

She's happy :)

Sunday - Genting(Jeff, Deric & Tzia)

We went up because of Jeff.
He wanted to do some shopping at Genting.
So yeah.

Pictures of the day.



On the way down to KL.
(Pretty in Pink!)

Ou's toilet.

You knew how much I loved you.

Nice cap.


Nerdy . LALA

Monday - SS15 Macd Drive Thru

Studying with Jason, Tek Yit & Wei Nian.
Exam's on now. So yeah, study!

Nian & Yit.

Jason T :)

Deric called me in the middle of the night, Bcz Jeff is drunk.
I woke up because they came to find me.

(spot his pink CD player)

He's really tired these days.

Drunk people do drunk stuffs?

Tuesday - Pyramid(Movie)

Along with Tzia, Deric, Bryan & Jeff.
Deric came & pick me from school but unfortunately it was raining super heavy that time.
I was soaking wet & his car was super wet too.

I'm very sorry.

I'm sorry because I hurt your fingers. :(

Tzia & I.



The movie was boring. -_______________-


The next day, went to school as usual.

Wednesday - Aman Suria.

Jeff went to Sunway with his mum.
He picked me along around 4+pm.

We went Aman Suria for Pan Mee.
met Deric there too.

Oh & I spotted these infront of Kayu.

& one more Skyline.


Went to pyramid again after that.
Deric was suppose to play hockey.


Thanks to Deric for everything.
You know what I mean :)

Thursday - Sleeping, Tuition, Barcelona

Was sleeping the whole afternoon.
Went tuition around 8pm.

After tuition, went Leo's with Jason, Juan, Chili, Darren, Manda, Nicole, David, Jieyi, Douglas & Melisa.

Chilled a while there, headed to Barcelona.

I went in for half an hour.
Not a single tip of liquor. :)

They're hot.
So they won the 500bucks!


Today: Dont know where I'm going.

I'm working tomorrow at PDAreana Sunway Pyramid :)
Feel free to drop by.

Its time to let go everything.
All I wanna do is study.

When its time to so something, you gotta do it.

Imma cold blooded person, Bye.

Dear Father in heaven,
Only you would understand how i'm feeling now.
Loves, Amen.

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