Thursday, July 10, 2008

Till death set us apart.

A picture of mine tooken this morning around 7am.
(With the swollen eyes & the heavy eye bags.)

I'd try my real best to give all my care,
I have to apologize if you still felt unsatisfied.
That's all I can do.

*I drived my dad Honda City 2 hours ago! :)
*I cant wait to get my driving license & car!
*Dad wanted to get me new furniture this Sat at Ikea, I wanna go so badly.
*But my celebration is much more important!

The place that create tons of memories to me just within 1 year time,

& yet,
I still prefer my previous school & memories :)

Somehow, I like my Malay teacher.
(I hand in all my malay homework in time, always.)

We're weirdo's :D
(a lil Sook Yin & Jia Soon)

I love my facial expression :D
(my sweetest school mate)

Sing Sui Yin,
Chun Su Hui.


School is always fun for me :)

But the thing is,
I cant cope with my accounts, can someone pls help me?

Tomorrow will be another tiring day,
accounts extra class till 4pm, ekon's tuition from 8pm-10pm =/



I prefer Hello Panda-Choco flavored lah hubby! :)

My very-cute-and-fat-brother along with my very-cute-hello-panda!

Famous Amos is the new love ♥


Had quite a conversation with Jia Yann ytd night.
No doubt, I miss them more than a lot.

Cant wait to see them soon! :)

Just A lil words that I wanna say.
(Ignore it if you don't get it)


I was once inside this big family.

The big family that changed my secondary life,
The big family that taught me a lot that I'll never forget,
The big family that stands inside my heart since ever.

Although I'm no longer in that family anymore,
But the scenes that we had together will never be faded.


I'll never forget thoughts that I've learned,

-To work hard together,
-To face difficulties together,
-To share the sorrows together,
-To have fun together.

Things may gone wrong sometimes,
& misunderstands had been created.

I don't have the right to judge anyone/any side because I don't know what's going on specificly.

But I'll never forget these:

"It doest matter where we are placed,
Its just the fruit of effort we have made."

Change the point of view,
Think from the other way round,
You should have understand.

If you don't,
then who'll?

I say because I care.

& I know,
You'll make a change. :)

A picture tooken ytd before I went to bed.
(any captions?)

P/s: Should I go for the Chinese Camp organized by Sin Chew Jit Poh?
P/s (2): I pray for my beloved ones to recover soon.
P/s (3): I cant wait till this weekends! (you wanna know why?) :)

Place me in the right position.

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