Monday, July 07, 2008

Don't you dare to touch it.

If you get the cherry, I'll be yours.
(I love this picture so so much!)

Trying so hard to lie to me?
Telling me its just a misunderstanding?
Ahah, Look into my eyes.

It was Tzia's b'day celebration two days ago at Sunway Pyramid.

I was hanging around there since 3pm.
I've mention in my previous post, bought a lil stuff. (heh thanks the boy)

Ate our dinner at Kim Gary, Again.
Melisa came & join me! ;)

I love her, my best partner-always.

Everyone says I'm her sister since 2 years ago.
( We have the same type of eyes. )

After our dinner, Jia Shin, Tzia, Mich & Monwei came along.
Headed to the toilet.
Make up/touch up/camwhore. :D

The hottie's birthday.

So adorable!
My CHS friend ;)

Even my mum says she looks super sweet,
what do you think? ;p

Shin & I.
Haha, Dont know what to say edi lah. lol

Ahh, another hot chiq. ;D

JiaShin wanted to get a dress but she cant find a suitable one until we step in,


Shin Yee met us there too!

We was suppose to "accompany" Jia Shin,
we end up all buying. =/

My super HOT friends.

We bought these! ;)
Blue for me & Green for her.
(Shinyee got the PINK one)

After we changed our dress, headed to Rain Forest.
Long Island Tea is real tasty. ;)

Go & get a try! Its only RM60 per jug.

Missy green & blue.

My gorgeousssss ;)

Pose 1: SHHHH

Pose 2: SHHHH..
(in a sexy way ;D)

Pose 3: Down!

POSE, pose, POSE, pose! -.-

I had to go home around 11pm.
Missed the fun in Barcelona. ;(

Nah, its okay '
There's always next time ;)


Oh & some pictures took last week!


We're the round face friends. ;DD

I'm round but they're not, OVAL FACE. ;p

The place we sit everyday during recess time.
(thanks ryui-zhen for snaping this pic!)

You can't imagine how LAME we can be.

My friends in school ;)

I miss Catholic High School a lot, a lot.
I'm glad I had fun in USJ8 too.

Ahah, my secondary life is always fun. ;)
4 more months left & I'll say BYE to my secondary school life.

Create more memories! ;D

Say bye bye to the fun,
Welcome the TUITIONS, NOT!

p/s: Even a small kid also wanna drive!!!

I've got the heart,
Dont feel dissapointed please.

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