Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adele Chow Chiau Min is DEAD.

(My favourite "ganas" expression.)
*You made my life miserable.

"Loves made your soul crawl out from its hiding place."
- Zora Neale Hurston.

Your love pulled my soul out,
& now, my soul is lost.
Its gone together with you.


I used to be the always-happy-crazy-woman no matter what happens around me.

But this time,
I broke down.

I don't wanna make my whole post sounds extreamly emo,
I just wanna express myself here because I'm really, unhappy.

Things may gone wrong sometime.
I know.

But why does everything have to clash together?
I aint complaining because I know I'm very lucky compare to those unlucky ones.

I just don't understand.

* Why a dad cant even pay for her own daughter's tuition fee when her daughter is facing a big exam within 3 months time?

* Why a mum cant even give her daughter a lift to tuition centers just because the petrol had increased?

I understand maybe they're facing problems by themself that's why I accept it.
But why?

-Her daughter still cant get good results?
-Her daughter still get to argue with the mom everyday?


I know life is like that,
I know life is a tough path to walk through,
I know everyone have to go through all these.

I seriously know.

I even lost the most precious one at this moment.


Anyone is interested to go for a swim/jog/gym with me?
Please ring me up, girls.


Thanks to Sher syg that's always there for me.

I love you!
You know I'll be there for you whenever you need me too!


I miss my b'day celebration week.
That week was my happiest moment in 08'

But the next week was my worst week in this whole year.

A lil more pic tooken during my b'day gathering at Sunway Club.

Hubby wanyee!
I'm so happy that I've you.

Oh & I love Tuesday! :)

Glad that everything went right with Andrew.

Don't be sick anymore!
Take good care of yourself. :)

The mirror time.





Why do I love my current school so much?
Pictures tells you everything.

I enjoyed it.

Sook Yin & Hannisah


Very bergaya punya Lim Woei Hoon

The very fair punya Cili Padi, Sook Foon!

The very pandai berlakon punya people.

This is their true colours = GAY
(Wei loon, Willy, Andy & Jia Soon)

She is super cute & adorable!

(Andy Khoo Chun Chun's girlfriend.)
(No joke, ask 5 Dedikasi then you'll know)

Zing Ying, Wai Theng & Sui Yin.

Time flies.
3-4 more months,
& I'll leave my secondary life.

I will never regret changing to SMK USJ8.
I will never forget SMJK KATHOLIK.

5 more days & Its Baskin Robbin's day!

31% discount!
Anyone interested to get me some? :)

p/s: Anyone know who's number is this? 0123456663
p/s (ii): Anyone can help me in my school page? Will be rewarded. I really need help!

Transforming to the Nerdy Adele Chow.
I will study hard because I wanna study for you as well.

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