Saturday, June 28, 2008

You're my only passion.

People that I missed a lot.

They're people that I used to be with everyday, every second.
Friends that wont leave me alone, behind.

Once a friend, forever a friend.

Today, Is the day!

Talent Quest: Semi Finals.

I cried the whole night.
Slept at 4am, woke at 8am.

Family problem?
Studies difficulties?
Financial prob?

& now,

I have to sacrifice things that I love because of my passion.
Your words really killed me.

You made my eyes so swollen this morning,
I'm feeling so unwell today.
I pray that I can do my very best later,
I'm sorry if I did mistakes.

In this moment,
I feel so,

I cant burst our laughing anymore,
No more silly random-ness of mine,
I just, lost the ability of smiling.

the worst part is,
I'm not energetic now.

First day of PMS.

Please help me.


I will try my best to smile like how I used to.

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