Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chik - Chun, SOOOON !

Flash out your style.

be yourself girl,
you know you don't need to change.

Before I start,
I just wanna remind you guys,

Talent Quest's Semi Finals this Saturday!


Venue: Sunway Pyramid (nearby DiGi, Memory Lane)

Timing: 3pm

Bring all your friends along! ;)
There will be 10 groups of singing & dancing!



The day before Talent Quest's audition.

Sook Yin & Woei Hoon wanted to join singing so they asked Andrew along.
Practiced at Yew Pang's place last saturday.

I wanted to join as well but,
I can only choose one category.

& Of cause I prefer dancing ;)

Unfortunately, something gone wrong that day before the audition get started.
So, they have to cancel their singing team. ;(


Pictures tooken during Audition.

Mei & I
Hope everything went right ;)

Loo Loo, I miss you lah!

Few more pics tooken during Tiff & Sher's b'day party.

Jessicaaaaa !
I wanna hear you sing yea babe? ;)

Eh bila pergi ambik undang test? ;D

Sook wai !
We'll practice hard for the RM3000 ! ;P

Feeling very stress these days.
Too many things cropped out from my brain!

Arghh, starting tuition tonight!

I had to study very very hard to cope up my studies,
trials are just around the corner.

I have to practice our dance routine everynight because I know I need to win,
& I need the money.

p/s: I miss my CHS's friends. Especially Siew Cen, Jia Yann & Ru Jing. ;(

How good if I can play this?

I have to move on.

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