Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who will show us the right way to go?

I need your shoulder to lean me on.

I'll fight life's final war with pain,
& then as death gives way to victory.

Before I start,

Just wanna apologize for not updating this.
I've been real busy & tired these few days.

There's too much photo to show,
so I did edited them together.

They're still much more photos but I'm just too lazy to upload it all here.
You guys can view the other's blog for more pictures! ;)

Friday 06.06.08

Went to Melisa's make up class along with Hoe Yen around 1pm.
& Stella joined the 2nd class around 7pm.

Melisa making up for Stella & Hoe Yen.

Hoe Yen, Tan.

Lets just cut it short.

After the make up class,
Jia Shin & Bradley picked me up around 10plus & we headed to Poppy, KL that night.

The lovely couples. ;)

Poppy's dance floor.


Sober, not.

What do you think? ;)

My lovely good friend.
Jia Shin ;)

That night was a long night.
Headed to Damansara Perdana after Poppy, Went to Sungai Buloh after that.
Reached home 8plus in the morning.

Slept a lil while & had to prepare for Summer Splash already.

Sin Yew's driving.

Saturday 07.06.08

So It was Summer Splash.
We was kinda excited(as in Jia Shin & I), but sadly it turned out a bit creepy. ;(

1) The crowd was. . . XXX
2) We did't manage to went up the stage! (last year at least we get Oxy's stuff!)
3) We did not get the goodie bags either.

Crazy, MADLY,

Shin, Rin & Del.

Adele & Jia Shin ;)

Pretty babes!

My girls ;p

No doubt, I'm fat. ;(

Heading back to Pyramid.

Overall, It was so-so.
I enjoyed playing water lah. heee ;p

Friend wanted to go Coco Banana that night with me,
I'm sorry I cant make it!
Too tired! ;(

Sunday 08.06.08

Went to the Driving thingy that day.
Along with Airin & Caryn.

Undang is so bored.
5 freaking hours. ;(

Everyone is sleeping. ;(


After the Driving thingy,
mum picked me up from Ai Rin's place.

Then I was told that my grandpa had passed away that morning.
I was shocked, & sad at the same time.

I had to hold my tears because I know mum told me its a good thing,
"Gong Gong had went to Heaven"

I was so freaking tired,
but still have to rush to the Memorial Park.

Gong Gong, rest in peace.

I still remember those days you brought me along with you & we went fishing.
The way you tell me bout your younger days when you used to be a cop.

I love you & I'll miss you Grandpa.

Monday 09.06.08

Its school day!
Got some of the papers back.
I'm happy because I passed my Maths! ;O

& I improved a lil this term! ;)

Thank God,

Tuesday 10.06.08

Skipped school today because I had to accompany mum & the other to get Grandpa's ashes.
We went Port Klang & threw his ashes to the sea.

& there were the place my grandma went too.

Somewhere that only belongs to them. . .

The 2 white bags were my Grandpa's ashes.

Settled everything & returned home around 2pm.

Things aren't done yet,
because my eldest cousin sister were flying to UK that night.

We went & sent her at KLIA.
All of them were crying. ;(

Her educations fee was fully paid by the goverment.
M'sia is giving them 350pound per month.


Reached home around 11pm,
slept tight.

Wednesday 11.06.08

Today! ;)
Almost all the exam sheets are given back to us.

My marks aren't excellent,
But I felt satisfied because there's improvements!

Suppose to gather in Tiff's place tonight but it was changed to tomorrow!
Gotta see all my babes again! ;p

Woots, someone's birthday is just within 3 days! ;)

Guess who's turning Sixteen 5days later? ;p

I once was lost but now I'm found.
Thanks O' Lord.

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