Friday, June 13, 2008

I felt, "happier" today.

So it was another ordinary day today.

Get all my results already!
Overall, It was BAD.

at least there's still improvements aite?
I'm happy because I really worked hard for this term.

Aiming for next term - SPM TRIALS. ;(


Stayed back at school for maths study group.
Reached home around 4pm.

"Adele can teman me go Pyramid?"
"bla bla bla...."

A long msg from Jia Shin wanting me to accompany her to Sunway for,
Her tongue piercing. ;)

Her 2nd time piercing it.

Reached home around 8pm.

USJ 6's electricity is really going crazy nowadays.

Gonna get Baptisted this Sunday! ;p
Praise the Lord.

Drug addict? Gambler?

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