Friday, June 06, 2008


I love the-peace-sign.

Don't tell me what's wrong with my attitude,
think about yours before opening your lips;
All I know is the love I gave you is more than enough,
you'll never appreciate it.

Thanks Melisa for driving me here& there.
I know petrol increased lah. ;p

So the afternoon was pretty boring yet a lil amazing.

Went to Melisa's make up class & had a lil fun.
Some pictures tooken during the class.

A lot of make ups.

More over here! @.@

Alah, damn busy lah her ;p

Flawless skin!
Maybe you cant see but I was like,

"wah so geng one all my pimples no more edi"

Yet its just the foundation.



After so many remove & make ups,
Woohaa, done!

Make up = magic!

Spot the difference!

Pls scroll up & have a look.
Spot my eyebrows & my eyes. ;)

We're running out of time, so yeah, did not put up any blusher.
Hah, but it still look good yeah?

There will be another round tomorrow.
Along with Hoeyen(1st class) & Stella(second class).


Anyone is interested to become her make up model?

Just sit there & let her put make up on you.
You may listen what the teacher's teaching too!


Just leave a msg at my tagboard if you're interested! ;p

There's two lesson every monday, tuesday & friday,

make sure you're free in these timing if you wanna join it.

1) 2.30pm - 5.30pm
2) 7pm - 10pm

So why not if you taka a try?
Its for free! ;)


Dad is being so i-dunno-how-to-say nowadays.

I told him I wanna take my driving license & I had already done everything all he need to do is just PAY.

Guess what he say?

" Cannot take yourself one meh? M'sia everything also rasuah one. "

" You learn yourself better. "

Ya of cause i can learn myself but how about the P & L?
Gosh, I'm so speechless.

p/s: I've got an emotional family members that explains why am I born this way.


That's all for today!

I dont know what you're thinking.
You made my go 00h-la-lah.

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