Thursday, June 05, 2008

The difference between LOUD & soft.

Hit the dance floor.

Life is like a dance floor.
You will enjoy if you wanna enjoy,
But you'll feel left out if you yourself choose to stand there just.


So yesterday was,

Joe Waey's bday.

Happy B'day Joe Waey !

I was suppose to follow melisa to her make up class but we end up at Segi College.
(her new intake or whatever stuff i dont know lah)

After that, headed to Pyramid to meet Munsing, Simon & Yushi.

Ate our lunch at Kim Gary.
Saw Raine & Racheal too. ;)

Joe Waey & others was inside RedBox, I went there just to wish to b'day girl.

I think many of them were in Pyramid yesterday.

I bumped into Jocelyn.

& then Stella.

After that MinHui. (she told me jiashin & kylie were there too)

I saw Sharon, Astin infront of Roxy.
(they told me hoeyen & grace were there also)

I met many of my CHS-ians too.
Oh ya, Jeffrey too!

A lot more peeps were there yesterday, heh ;p
I bought myself something ;)


I miss school. ;(

Aiya 3 more days then I'm back to my nerdy face! ;D



Summer Splash is within 2 days time!
I know bunch of peoples are going.

I'm sure it wont be like last year.
(last year just a few went) =/

Because its holiday! ;)

Backview of me & Sharon tooken last year during Summer Splash.

This year will be much much more! *woots!*

Oh ya, petrol increased AGAIN!

M'sia is really getting trouble.
I cant imagine how much the foods, petroleums will increase.

When I was on my way back ytd, the Shell petrol station was sooooo FULLLL !

Until the cars lining up blocked the main road & we're stucked in the jam.


Price of everything is incresing =/


I've got this lil thing from Genting for my mum. ;)

A key chain.

I know she loves it,
Love you mummy. ;)

I must study real hard.

SPM is just in 4months time.
If I cant get at least, at least 5 credits, say bye bye to me.


Its Yi Wen's b'day today! ;)


Sorry I cant make it yesterday at Barcelona.
I'm sure you had fun.

* Melisa is fetching me to her make up class.
I'm becoming her model. -.-

I'm out! ;D *

I'm getting confuse,
By the Inner & Outer part of you.

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