Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life's going on.

My keyboard is finally working!

Hooray! ;)

Hello everyone!

I miss all of you so much! ;p

Miss my blog?
Miss me?

HAHA okay I'm very random.

Too much to update!

A lil update about tiff & sher's b'day party few weeks ago.

Newly weddings.
I love you Wan Yee hubby! ;)

I know she loves me too bwahaha

Tifffyy darling!
Happayy Sexayy Seventeeeen! ;)

You know I love you a lot kan? ;D


More than words.
happy birthday once again! ;)

Within these few weeks, many stuffs happens.
I dunno what to say already. WAHAHA .


Talent Quest.

Ytd was out audition.
We reached around 11.30am & guess what?

We're only going up the stage at 5.55pm . What a joke?! Hah.

Ok I shall skip all these.

So. .

Did we manage to get into the Semi finals?










Thanks God, We did it. ;)

The semi- finals will be this Saturday at Sunway Pyramid.
I think is 3pm around at the ground floor nearby Digi store, Memory Lane, Giant.

Pls do come & support us okay? ;)

My life is a lil too stress.

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