Friday, May 16, 2008

Everyone say HI, to my future.

You made my vision go blur o' blur.

Today was Teacher's Day.

Okay, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY lah. (why am i writing it swt)

And guess what?


Its very abnormal. You wanna know why?

Because the numbers of student who came to school is just, i think not more than 100.
(including morning & afternoon session)

Damn sad kan? lol
But what you aspect? Its still exam week lah.

& i went !

Okay, reason why i went.

1) Its last year of schooling.
2) I never seen any special functions since i step in Smk Usj 8.
3) I start loving my usj8 school. (a bit too late? haih)
4) I wanna see performance! (got a form 1/2 dance group)

Heeehe, & I did not regret attending school today.

Suddenly felt that Smk Usj 8 is a place i should go long time ago.
(lol i also dont understand why)

I dont want holidays la!
I wanna go school!

OKAY, YOU MAY WTF me. . . .

Yesterday was Add maths paper after recess.
& yeah, I'm the only one in class who never take Add Maths.

Look what I did for that 2 hours.

So concentrate lah!

Okay, that dumb teacher doest know I'm taking picture! :D

My friend pun tak tau buat lah Add Maths!
So she helped me with her Camera Phone :)

Where's my future? =/

(did you spot my SEXY bottle? :D With some SEXY words '' JUICY CHIQAS '' hee!)

'' RING .. ''

Okay school ended.

Spot my hair flying.

Okay, poser lah poser.

I stayed back for study group too.
Maths paper 2 is next Wednesday! =/

Searching for my future again.

Say hi to my future :)

Future o' future, I'm waiting you.

Start all over again.



p/s: Leo forum is coming very soon! Starlight is the theme. What kinds dress should I wear?

p/s (ii): X-live in on Saturday! Screwed exams.

Hello future.

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