Tuesday, April 01, 2008

gimme more.

My friday night is awesome.
Let pictures do most of the talking. :)

Yes, Bacardi Limon.

Vanilla flavoured vodka?

I forgotten when was this lah.
Anyway i went jiashin's place. :)

Yea she memang deco her room

Shin's perfumes :)

Her messy room =X

The thursday. Studio :)
I love them a lot.

shin, tiff, me, rin & mei :D

& my saturday was with :

Jessica ling :)

Sher, Tiff & sueanne, Yiwen too! =D


me sher & sueanne went Monti's for their dinner.

EAT! / Stare?

OMG sayang damn cute.

i memang love her til death.

Sat night i went Barcelona with shin.
Yes i really damn EMO & i drank pure liquor for the 1st time. =/
But it was fun! Until i was pulled out by the boyf.


me *barc toilet.

shin, kylie & i

i was in RED. =)

We was very very TIPSY. wooohooo~

Yes kiss me more beb <3

Woooha, i had fun!
Sunday was pretty boring because i'm working at Chanel. ISH.


BOO ` dont like me? please leave. :)
terima kasih!

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