Wednesday, March 12, 2008

你的美一缕飘散, 去到我去不了的地方.


can you see how shuai is him when he is concentrating in singing?!!


anyway, had fun with them today. :)

i'll let pictures do most of the talking.


we love each other: shermaine, jess, me & jiashin :)

queen of almighty: sher & i . she is MINE okay ! <3

my adores: you guys stil rmb the-URBAN-GROOVE's days? =D

she's my honey: i love u so :)

poserlicious: we rocked with the blur effect.

my forever love: loojiashin <3

you melt my heart: i sayang u much!

dance floor: we can kill everyone. HAHA

We shall hang out together more ! XOXO

The gossip session was FANTASTIC ! lmao. :DD

around 4plus, jess, sher & kc headed to Neway for karaoke, me & shin went home by BUS ! :(

Not forget i've met my TWO CUTE LIL DARLINGS - Chloe & HuiShan ! <33


Quarrel again & again with boyf.

Seriously lah, i dont know what i did wrong loh!


JUST FOR TZIA : You had did your best for SPM !! parents always dont understand us yet

you have us ! I'll always support you ! & i owe you 1 meal !! SMILE OKAYY ? :))


got dance prac. at tiff's place later. OMG yet i still dunno dad changed his mind or not!



'' 我去到哪里你都跟很紧 ''

maybe you really should not tight me too hard?

pls kill me if i killed you.

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