Friday, March 14, 2008

我微笑着让香味停留 :)

Heloohhh! :) i sangat happy today! WOO HOOOOO !

because i get to shop my ass off ! i cant rmb when was the last time i went shopping!! :(

But i really damn damn damn happy lah! i spent around RM350++ & i can get this kinda

happiness already! ( yes i'm those poor kid that can be very happy after spending 350+ )


sher & jess went One Utama today! :( ya i cant follow! so nvm lor, i do my own shopping

at Sunway Pyramid! (eh don look down on sp okay, it's damn nice loh that place!)

So, boyf came to my hse to pick me but at last i sat taxi to sp. (8buck)

Had lunch with boyf at KimGary(yes the place i love to go in sp), then,

i started to shop!! HOORAYYY ! :DDDDDD


i went to Vincci & Nose first because i wanna get some sandals. Mana tau, i go get this heel at

Padini (eh i shud be buying sandals lah!)

dunno why i just like it lah! PLS TELL ME ITS NICE OKAY.

after discount also 48++ . i didt know the price OMG. but, nvm lah

& next, i went to nose since Vincci dont have nice sandals.

But, Nose also i cant get something nice.

so i just bought this pair since the sales girl keep convincing me to get this.

i knew shinyee gt the white one, er so i get this black ones! LOL. we can wear same same next

time when we hang out ! :)

NEXT, i went to FLAME.

This T-shirt.

I promised myself not to get t-shirts anymore but i just cant stop myself lah!

I wanted to go KimGary to have a drink & so so i pass by Topshop & & i just dunno how

& why then i bought this cutieeee shorts . i like lahh!

So, i bought this & i decided not to stop myself.

I went in MNG, & guess what?

I SAW GRACE & THARSH ! Haha! HELLOO . After that, i left MNG cause nth's new lah!


TREATS, nice ah? should be wearing this to IU ? dunno yet lah. no time to hunt nice dress.


I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!

ROXY BAG !! lol. yeah i never own any Roxy bag before, yes i'm so poor & i cant effort. :(

i just love it so much! that sales boy was so nice to intro this intro that! LOL

& so, kinda tired edi lah.

went Starbucks to chill .

Chocolate Chip Cream :) i likeeeee!

see my goods. (i know its a bit only but i seldom shop ma.)

Not forgotten my cute pretty ring! :)

that's all i have for today ! :)

i love shoppinggggg ! <3>p/s : i love Starbuck. :) (thats my boyf)


" 我要将你彻底改造 基因重组大变身 "

yes its you. i'm gonna change you.




dont mess with me.

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