Saturday, March 22, 2008

Afterall, i still prefer loving Jay.

credits to SuetMei:MINE! Look, he is soooo- CUTE !

Look, He is so SHUAI ! :)

OMG. Jay! is! so! adorable! heh!

This is a restaurant own by him at Taiwan!
See those waiter,waitress! OMG.


i'm on diet. heh, with my preety diet pills `
I must slim down.
I want big boobs.
I wanna be pretty lah. Dont tell me you dont wanna slim down? you dont want big boobs?


i know i sure cant do it.
Useless piece of shit i am.

Tomorrow is the ''ChengBeng'' festival. OMG. Sticky, dirty places. Yucks!

Okay, nothing much.

Out to tiff's place! :)


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