Monday, August 11, 2014

Morganfields on a Friday (with a lil birthday surprise!)

Just taking a break from all the birthday postings hehehe. 
Wanted to blog about my dinner with family first but I thought why not do this post first lol I'm not even making sense! 

It was a Friday noon!
I was putting on Ck's shades cos I didn't brought mine and I wanted to complete my "Mafia look" LOL  -__-

Followed this awesome #gempak people to lunch!

Ok let's give you a little bit of background, why do we call ourselves the "Gempak" gang?
Because gempak means more than awesome and yes we are all more awesome lah so we fit the title perfectly hahahaha!  NO IM JUST JOKING ok it was just a campaign name and so we started calling each other #gempaks lol.

Headed to Pavilion for Morganfields since everyone was craving for some pork ribs!

Our table :)

I've never tried this place but I've heard good reviews about this place.
Looking at the crowd on a Friday noon, not too bad huh?

Heh we are required to put this napkin on so cute lol. 

Ok both of them cuter hahahaha.

Then our lenglui of the day arrived!
A much better picture of Pei Li, Nic and CK.

The super sampat girls in my weekdays life. 
Michelle, but I prefer calling her FONING hahahah and Livian, my super lame neighbour.

Hehe too bad Foning wasn't in the picture if not picture purfect liao.
With Choo and Laura :)

(I really wish I could be a better food blogger by writing the price down for you but sorry lah I can't find their menu online I tried ok)

Darren's Chicken Breast Caesar Salad

Nic's pick: Fried Mushroom!
Ok now that I'm typing mushroom I can't help but to laugh.. errr....

The Carnivore 
It's BBQ Pork Ribs with Chicken thigh, and sausages, fries, muffin, corn and salads.

Ribs Sampler
A combination of Morganfield's signature pork ribs. 
We picked Spicy Asian, BBQ spare ribs, and Garlicky BBQ spare ribs.
I think the portion can feed at least 6 person la. 

Lol I like this shot.
According to Livian, you need alcohol to go with your ribs.

Haha we asked the waiter to help us with a photo but it turned out to be super outta place.
I wasn't satisfy lololol so yea... 

.... We used self-timer! :P
But... wasn't too impressed also. hahahha

After everyone's done eating and snapping away, we were prepared to leave!
Then suddenly this came out!




They sang birthday songs and we had these!! 
Super chio red velvet cupcakes for both me and Pei Li since we were both July babies :)

It's the little gesture that matters.
Thank you all especially Nic and Foning :')

I've known them for 3 months now, started talking maybe like what.. 2 months ago?
But I've always tell myself, it's not how long you've known that person that matters but the quality friendship that counts. 

I like to count my blessings, it makes me happy.
It helps to keep my spirit alive and cheerful each day.
It's not that I have no problems but I just like to see things at a positive way :)

I thank God for placing these people in my life, although we might not have the chance to know each other better, but its the bond that I will treasure. Especially our #Gempaks :)


Till then,

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