Saturday, June 28, 2014

"You jump? I jump!!"- Jump Street Trampoline Park KL

Heh. Can you guess where was this?
(Although my blog title already state the obvious -__-)

You jump, I jump!
Haha went jumping around at this new place - Jump Street KL last week along with the bunch.  I actually saw some of my friend's jumping video on Instagram already so I thought why not? Me want to jump too lol. 

The place is located nearby Jaya One but NOT inside Jaya One, you can waze you way here though :) You can easily spot the Bosch warehouse!

I find this jumping thingy very interesting cos it's a form of cardio but instead of doing the usual boring running, this is another place you can consider burning lots and lots of calories - if you jump consistently lah hahahaha.

Court rules. 

Okay now the most common question.

How much?
RM25 + RM4 (socks) = RM29

How long can we jump?
1 hour 

The socks which you can keep after the game, which you don't have to purchase it again. 

They have different areas playing different jumping game.
For example, this part is the "High Performance" area where you see people pulling amazing stunts!

"Slam Dunk"
Ya basketball on trampolines. 

 "The Cage"

Where you can just jump and jump - I personally think this is the place for you to warm up.

 Haha must posing sikit first and sorry for the awful jump picture hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha
Me and Livian wanted to take a jump shot together but as you can see, it didn't turn out quite well. 

More stupid jump shots for my personal remembrance. 

They have Main Court which is a larger space with more trampolines, and also Dodge Ball where you can play with a team of 12. 

My partner/photographer/videographer of the night :p

After so many rounds of jumping and somersault attempt, #lemmetakeaselfie.

Ok this is my personal favourite,

The Foam Pit  
You can jump and jump and you will fall into this huge space filled with foam. 
Yes and it's very hard to get up when you're stuck with foams around you. hahahaha.

Overall, this place is worth exploring and I definitely can't wait to try out for the second time since the first was quite a disaster for me (cos I'm stupid la)

So now, do you want a jump too?

Jump Street Trampoline Park KL
8A, Jln 13/6 Seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya
Operating hours: 9AM- 12.30AM
Contact: 03-79691051

Till then,
see you jumping around!


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beautiful girl ^^

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