Friday, March 28, 2014

Ploy @ Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights

If you know me well enough you will know food makes me happy, very very happy indeed.  Especially if I get to enjoy good food with great companion, it would made my day :)

I've been hearing lots of good review about this place: Ploy @ Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights. 

So I decided to give it a try with my popo and big cousin sister / also as an appreciation dinner towards her for introducing me such an awesome opportunity :) 

The place is quite hidden inside and if you don't read some reviews before you come, you might get lost in this building.  But it is worth the hassle because this place is wonderful. 

Couldn't wait to snap a picture with these beautiful women. 

The place was indeed simple, modern yet cozy. 
It surprises me how packed the place is despite of its location. 

We started off with their Avocado Salad (RM11.50) 
I would say its good but it doesn't taste like the normal caesar salad, still prefer Zanmai's.

Popo's PLOY Black Fried Rice (RM26.50) - their signature dish and this was really good I couldn't stop taking popo's food hahaha. 

Look at my cute popo with her black fried rice and the cute egg york on top. lol

because this dish deserves one more picture. 

This is some salmon belly and avocado rice which I forgotten its name and price but it tasted heavenly!!! *MUST TRY*

Cousin's sister linguine. 
(sorry I couldn't remember the name and price also but this dish is so so only) 

Ham with Avocado sauce.
This is SO . GOOD .  Looking at it now makes me want it even more D:

Pink Lady (RM31.50)
Its something like soft shell crab maki but it comes with a tad spiciness. yums!

My happy popo with in a peaceful ambience with a beautiful background :)

CHOK FACE with my one and only popo :)

Aww cousies decided to FaceTime her after dinner hehehe. 

I enjoyed spending my lovelies a good dinner.
Its all about the quality time spent together.
To more and more dinner dates with my families,

till then,

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