Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Before I start, I wanna wish all of you a very happy new year!!!! :D

Did you notice the change of my blog layout? Gotta thank Tziaaa for this.
(She even hacked my blog and helped me to post the post below -___-)


In a blink of an eye, its 2013 already. Ive so much to say honestly I don't know where to start. I always say I will blog more often but I always didn't make it happen :/   I doubt theres still readers in this site but I really want this blog to be a place for me to recap my journey along the way. So.. here I am :)

Well in year 2012, so much has happened I don't even.  Most importantly, Ive learned so much about myself, my family, my people around me and every surroundings.  One of the highlight of the year I would say is that I thank God for leading me back to back where to where I belong - back to church, back to God.  :)

Year 2012 has been one roller coaster ride for me but Im thankful and grateful for everyone especially my family and my partners in business.  If I were to list down everything I need to be thankful of this page probably cant fit anymore, lol.

So many people has come into my life and leave marks in my heart but despite whatever reason it is, I believe God has a plan awaiting for me.  Good or bad, ill never regret but it will be my memories and experiences. :)

Now that the new year is here, I want to list down my New Year Resolution to remind myself how much I need to change in this year.

1 To put God at the first place
2 To give my family the best, including more time spent with them.
3 To be a better person, attitude wise, stronger mindset, have more self-discipline. 
4 To maintain a healthy relationship with everyone - partners and friends. 
5 To dress up more presentably (more make ups and new cloths!!) 
6 To be determine in losing weight!!!!!!! (This has been my resolution every year -_-)

Thats all I want to achieve this year heh, short but sweet :)
Oh, one more very important resolution is to BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!

Anyways, more post coming up!
Incase you forgotten how I looked like,

Happy belated Christmas! 

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Leonard said...

I was here. <3 I wanna let you know that Im very proud of you! Keep Putting God First!