Monday, November 01, 2010

The best Me-times? Nom nom nom all the way!

"Hello I'm big specky Adele from CommFest!!" -

Are you coming this Friday!?!?!?!
- I think I'm so cool. *showing you the rabbit teeth PFFT

Sorry that's my after effect of "CommFest disease" T___T
Despise the crazy workload lately, thank God I aint the only one being 'cuckoo'
My rawrrrrrsome classmates are all as insane as myself.
We basically spend more than 10 hours EACH day in college so yeah.

Project work project work project work project work..... *&$@^@%%@$&#*^$&@^*(#&@#

Need to attend lecture somemore!! TIRED UNTIL CAN DAI AHH!!

You know I really need something to spice up my dull moments!
&so, I found out the BEST thing to accompany me during my - 'ME-TIMES MOMENTS'!

I've always love chocolate! (you should know right see my body pun sudah tau!)
So yeah, chocolate will ALWAYS be my BEST COMPANION!!!! :)

The silky, smooth and yummy DOVE® chocolate - which comes in Milk chocolate, Chocolate with Crispy Rice, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond & Raisin and my fav DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!

I insist enjoy my chocolate although I'm in lecture HAHAHA.

because she wants to enjoy too T_______T

Yes I was opening this under the table to prevent lecturer from calling my name HAHAHA

It melts right in your mouth, immediately!
So smooth, so soft... Awwww! Taste so good seriously.

Yes I had to lick my fingers too because the chocolate melts in my hand before it melts in my mouth. HAHAHAH

I rather drown in these rather than notes and books! :D

I'm sure all of you out there are chocolate lover too, stop swallowing saliva already!
Go get DOVE® chocolate and enjoy your “Me-Time Moments” now lah!

Where to get these awesome chocolates?
DOVE® is available at all local supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores,
for only RM2.90!!!

*share some with me okay? I can never get enough of chocolates! WINK :P


Anonymous said...

u are dam fat jor!

Anonymous said...

why do u still do ads when ur blog is already dead.. c'mon we readers dun wan to read advertisement blog.

hweeen said...

i love it too...
when christmas promotion at tesco,buy 3 get 1 free...i get almost 12...haha..
i love it so so much...