Monday, October 18, 2010

Say hi to, NOKIA C3!

Yay! I'm sucha happy girl now because I can get 'canggih' phone at low price such as RM99!

Much thanks to baby @missvivienloo for fetching me, @nataliechai and abby to Pavilion because Celcom Bluecube was offering a deal for the FIRST 100 peepos to get NOKIA C3 for only less than RM100! So cool right, I know.

La Bodega, &it was only 2.30pm!!

Tsk tsk, you might be thinking - WHAT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS PHONE THAT MAKES SO MANY OF THEM TO SACRIFICE their precious time and energy standing under the hot sun!?
I KNOW LA ITS CHEAP - but what else is good about the NEW NOKIA C3?

"How social are you?"
Ask yourself.

I'm pretty sure everyone of us now has a Facebook and/or Twitter acc.
Even if you don't have a smart phone, you'll always log on to your social networking site the moment you touch your computer, right or not?


If you were given a chance to Facebook and/or Twitter ANYTIME/ANYWHERE, you want or not? Haha, NOKIA C3 gives you that!

Check out specs of the phone, mau ke tak mau? - photo courtesy to MYNJAYZ (:
You can actually surt your social networking sites using Nokia C3, its very user friendly like dumb people like me also can use, aiyah can la HEHEH.

Met my long lost friend - Priscilla working as one of the Celcom Blue cube girl (:
Anyone wants flyers? :P
(Ignore my uglysick face -____-)

All hyped up for the event because La Bodega was well decorated :)

I now can has another phone for me to Tweet and Fb more!!! :D :D

All thanks to Celcom Bluecube!!!
You can ONLY get this at Celcom Bluecube yo!

I shall name this baby C hehehe :)

Go get your most affordable social-network-enable phone only at Celcom Bluecube, NAOOO!!
Wanna know more?

For the package price: -
Okay you should really thank me for sharing this uber good news with ya'll (:
Follow me @ now lah so we can tweet tweet all the way with Nokia C3!!

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