Monday, October 11, 2010

I can now style with NO GUILT! :)

Remember that post(CLICK to read) where I said my hair was too damaged because of the 7deadly sins that I've committed?! HAR HAR... FEAR NOT ANYMORE BECAUSE I'VE FOUND MY HERO PRODUCT THAT WILL PROTECT MY HAIR AND ENSURE THAT I CAN STYLE WITHOUT GUILT!

The reason that makes me STOP WORRYING ANYMORE IS BECAUSE......



The newly launched Dove Damage Therapy Range!

Yipiee! Dove have now reinvented the NEW Dove damage therapy range so that we can all continue styling our hair to make our self look pretty without feeling guilty because - Dove will take care the heart of our hair :)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, our hair is actually very fragile.
What more when we always wash, brush, blow-dry everyday, and even add in chemicals to dye, straighten, curl and style when it comes to occasions! Imagine the damaged we have caused to our precious hair.... But we won't stop doing it because we have to look good always!

In order to take good care of our hair, we have to minimize the damage from the surface, also repair it from the inside! Now that the New Dove Damage Therapy Range has come out with a range of shampoos, conditioners and high performance treatments that contained new Patented Fibre Active Technologies and Micro moisture serums, it certainly helps us to look good all the time doing what we loves to do, without worrying and being upset about our damaged hair!

Use Dove Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner daily to strengthen our hair roots.

Shimmering shampoo! So pretty :)

The next thing after you rinse and dry your hair, apply the Dove Leave-On cream!

Just apply a little bit on your hair tip, because that's the most dry part of your hair!

I've always bring my Dove leave-on cream around because its like my magical hair drop - to make my hair look silky and shiny no matter where I am :)

Last but not least, the Dove Overnight Treatment -
I bet you guys didn't know that sleeping time is the best opportunity for our hair to absorb and inject new life into our hair roots!

Dove came out with this overnight treatment and amazingly, just 2-4pumps of it massaged into our dried hair will help replenish vital protein lost in just ONE NIGHT!


That's why it is my all time favourite :)

I still remember those days where I had real bad hair days, it ruined my day;
I still remember those days where I had to worry how much I'll have to spend in order to "REPAIR" my hair after styling it for an occasion;
I still remember the dilemma I had during those days because I had to choose either dye or straighten my hair because my hair was too damage!

But now, worries are all gone!
No more frown!

Thank you Dove Damage Therapy Range, you made me more and more confident each day because I now can style without guilt knowing that Dove will take care of the damage!

Welcome to the Dove family! Hehehe :)
I've always love Dove, no doubt!

What are you waiting for hunneys?
You wanna style your hair without guilt?
Go to the nearest store to grab your Dove Damage Therapy Range!


Anonymous said...

is it really effective????so,we can style our hair without any worries anymore?rebonding,curling is nt a problem anymore?

Anonymous said...

I am really Glad i ran across this web site.Added to my bookmark!