Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I did during my 7 days holidays?

It's the last day of my one week break already, PFFT.. finally going back to college tomorrow!
So basically, I utilized my holidays pretty well, like seriously.

Before I start, let me just do a shout out:

Selamat 'belated' Hari Raya to all Muslims!
Hope everyone had a great time celebrating with their loved ones :)

Moving on..
I did a few photo shoot from Tuesday till Friday. O.O
It's exhausting really! Thank God I aint no freelance model :)
I tak boleh tahan sunlight -___-

Tuesday # Railway Shoot.
I love the blue sky & the rocks!

Behind the scene #1
The weather was insane!!! :(

Behind the scene #2
Thanks to the awesome photographers!
Azrin, Jeremy, Bryan &Jon :)

The weather was too hot for us to continue shooting outdoor, so we went in this place;
which they have no 'FEEL' to snap at all. PFFFT

Wednesday # Car shoot
I didn't wanted a car shoot -_- but my photog 'sun bin' let me take only.
Hahaha, felt weird at first but it was fine after all!
Thanks Joe :)

I usually don't like closed-up cause I'm fat so my face are either too flat, big, or ROUND.
But I likey this pic! Can see my colorful nails summore :D

Thursday # half indoor + outdoor shoot (pictures not received yet!)

Friday # Slumber shoot
Why slumber shoot?
Cause I didn't even apply any make up, all I did was just putting on that shades to cover my swollen eyes.

I wanna put this pic as my blog header!! Okay ah?
Macam emo jer. LOL

I didn't even dress up as the focus point was the both of them - Chew sistas ;)
They did a lot of portrait shoot, & it was their first time so yeah..
VVVVVIP & allycia, hope you two enjoyed it!

I'm still deciding which picture to set as my blog header, cause these shoots are all yet to combined for my blog header!! I need comments, tell me what chu think!

Yours truly, Cheryl and Shian Ru!

NEXT POST: Lingerie party - Waiyian's 22th birthday!
So? Come back for more ;)



Simon Seow said...

No train running on the railway tracks anymore? lol

CWKen said...

sry sry tai ka je, gua manyak busy sry :(

eh I like the indoor at the abandoned railway leh! wanted to bring u dere budden u sudah pergi:S budden sitting on old tv better than sitting on the floor rite? ;) LOL

Unknown said...

wah, the next post looks sizzling hot! and when wanna do shoot with me? LOL!

Adele Chow said...

Simon> Yeap! Abandoned one! Haha if not I so daring meh!

CWKEN> Haha, yea I likey TV ;) Faster send me okay? (:

Dylan> Haha, you contact me kays ;)

 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

I lovey the one in indoor shoot, your biting/holding ur shades and sitting down one. That 'd cool to be ur header! :D

Anonymous said...

The picture where you're sitting and so called emo,that look very nice as your header :)

Adele Chow said...

Jieyi & anonymous> yea I think so too!! :D hehehhehe thanks for commenting ya!

Rizwan said...

All of these pictures are so much quiet and beautiful thanks for sharing
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