Monday, September 06, 2010

Bunny Girls -

As I've mentioned previously, I'm currently working as a part time agent -
One of the girls I'm providing is for Werner's, Changkat: Bunny Girls :)

The two lovelies that helped me out (:

Stephanie & Melisa

What do you think about their outfit?
Pantyhose + Black heels + Black corset + Bow ribbons + Bunny ears = SMEXY BUNNIES!

This time with Ms. Loo jiashin (:
I love my girls for helping me out ♥

I'm the ODD one, I know T_T
*you won't look at me lah, continue eying of em'* :D

This was when David & Cheekeong came to visit us (:
What a pleasure to snap with these cute bunnies!

So, basically.. What does the bunnies do?
They start work at 10pm, ends at 1am.

1# Stand at the entrance, giving out 'free drinks' coupons.

2# Walk around with those trays.
Nope, you do not need to BEG customers to buy it from you;
all you do is just walk around, if they want it, they'll get it from you (:

Caely & Jiashin acting cute!
Bunnies are suppose to be shy, right? :p

This was another night.
Kimee, Caely, Stephanie & Jiashin.

Last Thursday.
Kathryn, Daphne, Elaine &Caely.
(ya la my noob curve can't take nice pictures)

There are actually more pictures but it is not with me, ugh.
Wait till I found em' then I'll upload more (:

So yeah, any of you girls wanna earn extra pocket money?
The payment's ON THE SPOT at 1am.
Contact me, / HERE ;)


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