Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm ugly, seriously.

Hey lovelies, here I am!

I'm back for good hahaha. There'll be more updates I swear cause I'd already did a whole lots of editing job this morning! :)

Awww, I miss my dot com :(
and that car... has my domain on it! hahaha..
No, its not my car. Lol.

So anyway..
It was Nuffnang LG Monster party last weekend.

As usual, me and Tzia, went last minute costume hunting at Sunway Pyramid. Gahhhhh D:
The fantastic part of it is, the make up, that cost us a bomb! T__T

Tzia and I with our naked face :)
I somehow love this picture, hahaha.

Yes, Inuovi Parkson it is.


Guess many of you saw it already as it was my FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE! No, not anymore - it's too scary. The more I see, the more I feel insecure about myself.

When you're having this kind of make up, I encourage you NOT TO SMILE.
See what I mean?

I personally liked the forehead part as it looked .. REAL.
The "ouch" pic shows you another part of my jaw.. EWWWW. DAMN DISGUSTING.

Rent our Monster outfit @ Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
Walked from Parkson to the carpark - LIKE THIS - yes i know right -______-

The only full body shot taken by ShaolinTiger at the backdrop the moment we step down.

Saw a few familiar faces, took a few shots as well.
I kinda miss the S'pore trip suddenly. Neh, the NN Award trip? *sigh
I want another trip like that!!!

The super trooper nice yet cute nuffies!
1) Nicholas
2) Jestina
3) Michelle



Joshua :)

Simon Seow :)

I remember Kevin, TianChad, Jackie, JonYKT, Jolyn and many more familiar bloggers were there too but too bad, I didn't have a chance to snap any picture with them because: -

- I don't have a camera at the moment.
- We left early. (and I was nominated as one of the best dressed female! So close..)

You don't wanna mess with me, kiddo.
I know you're reading this, because you're sucha stalker :)

I will be back, very soon.

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Unknown said...

LOL i got pic wif u ahh! LOL
yes i miss SG trips also T__T