Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MU jersey!

Current status: In the mist of Semester 3 Final Examination.
Had PR(1) & IMC paper on Monday, left another 3 more papers tomorrow, Thursday & Friday! I can't wait till we're done with Sem 3, there we go for a 2 and a half month break!

Ohlala! What am I gonna do between this 2 months? Definitely hope to find more jobs, earn more cash, go for more trips and spend more quality times with all my loved ones! AHHHH, I CAN'T WAIT! ♥

Thanks to Nat's awesome s90! I really wanna get that gadget already.

What am I thinking?
Eyh I also don't know what's on my mind now despise the word finals in my head.
Sigh, life's so dull to me these days. I seriously need more jobs lahh!

OH, actually this picture was taken because I wanted to.. youknowla, can edit some meaningful words or pictures and turn it to another art work of mine BUT I failed -___-

Yes, keep smile, just smile as this is what I do best :)
In life, smile helps us to make ourselves and the people around us feel better, agreed?
So, everyone out there, remember to smile everyday!
No matter how upset you are deep down, a smile will definitely make you feel better!
Don't believe what I said? Try it. :)

I'm lovin' my RED in colour M.U Jersey ;)
Nah, I'm NOT a big fan of M.U or Chelsea, I rather not talk about Arsenal nor Barcelona.
One thing I like about this shirt is because I personally preferred MU Jersey cause of it's colour.
Yummeh ;) Not to forget it is me and my Cha Siew partner, Anna's friendship shirt!

Control your mouth!
(That's Abi on your left)
I chose to put a cross on my mouth is because I wanna remind myself to control everything I said and EAT! Haha, don't eat too much and of cause at times, don't talk so much as well.
By doing this, you won't lose anything TRUST ME.

It seems like the whole post's pictures are rather dull(just like the current me), but I believe that the dullness will go away soon, and there shall be light again! (hahaha omg la by saying this reminds me of Jesus)


A very colorful picture with a lots of lights! *grins*
Spot my foot and Eric's innocent face!!!
Yes Eric is our Mr. Nicest guy, right course-mates? *LOL**

All these pictures are credited to Natalie Chai and Eric Chan.
It is all taken during our cooking day last week!
Stay tuned for my masak-masak post :) :)

p/s: I cut onion until I cry somemore LOLOLOLOL!

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joshuaongys said...

all girls who wear MU Jersey are pretty!!! lol