Friday, May 21, 2010


Yay 2nd post of the day! :) :) SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MY COOKING POST OKAY!

Well, since I'm having all the time I want today(finish exam already ma! haha must rub it in one lol), I decided to do another post since I've a lot of pending post so why not update it faster? Somemore holidays coming wo sure a lot of happenings one LOL LOL jk ni la.

I see the other bloggers all so efficient blog so fast already am I the last one? T__T
And all the pictures I uploaded in this post are not taken by myself one lagi T________T
Sigh, ^#@(&#&@^$(*)$ .. !! WHAT A BLOGGER! :(

But... I promise I'll improve my blog kay? PROMISE!
Change layout, everything (: (:

I went to an event held @ Damansara Perdana last week, which I've mentioned earlier in my previous post - 7aste, Ecoba with them bloggers!

To be honest, I din't really notice about the theme of the night - which happened to be, South African DINE & WINE party hence the out-of-theme-outfit & also the super-ugly-make-up-done-inside-the-car because I was rushing as I didn't know the way!


See see, rush la rush more.
Damn! I feel so uneasy already lah now, like I'm so useless like that :(
THANK GOD THE EVENT WENT WELL! I loved how they deco the place & how I bumped into tons of familiar faces which made my night (:

Adele Fatty can't live without... FOOD!

& Dances!

There are actually more performance but I really didn't manage to capture it all! I remember spotting a few cute & hot drummers though :) Right girls?

Okey I shall spam pictures now please don't get of bored of me lah aiyoh nvm I have pretty people beside me so you look at them kay? TEEHEE.

Bryan, Rei & Wei (:

Meet Debbie my new friend!
Aww she's so pretty & gorgeous, seriously.

HI JAMIE! (and Nigel on my left)
It's been a while since we last met! (:

Me being the light bulb -___-
They are husbands and wife if you didn't know. :P

& when they arrived at the entrance!
Helen, myself, Sammi, Bell & Daphne.

Daphne Charice

With Leonard & Bryan.

Pretty chicks!! :)
I'm the fattest one HO HO HO.

My dear Bell that ffk-ed me today for lunch!

Us girls with Jason the Maison photographer!

Leonard's turn :P

Because I am! I like to see chicks instead of dicks, really!
You missed the chance to attend this one, do not fear! I'm sure there will be next time (:
Just log on to their official website, :)

Bryan's fav hence I shall put it the last pic!

No la last pic must put him in one cause he so kind fetch us to Murni & claypot loh shu fun made me happy some more! :D


Huai Bin said...

Ah, you should come for the party next week at Maison! Encore Fashionista! :)

bryanlyt said...

fuahhh 2nd last pic damn hot can! :P

Leonard said...

No matter wht.. u still looked awesome tht night.

Adele Chow said...

Huai Bin> Ahaha, alright! I'll see if Tzia's going (:

BryanLyt> hahaha you ahh!! :P

Leonard> Awwww thanks Leonard (: