Monday, February 01, 2010

Tiger Run!!

Omg I've something super awesome to share with you all!! Trust me you all confirm react like how I did in my picture above one!!!

Okay before I tell you what it is about, I shall show you one 'IMBA' tiger picture since its a year of TIGER!!!!!
(look damn ganas can -___- because of that piece of meat!)

Okay you got the hint don't you? YES Im trying to tell you that Tiger Beer is the official beer of the year for the year of Tiger! Therefore, they're giving out very very super cool prizes!!!! (continue reading first then ill tell you what it is, lol)

Tiger Beer's bottles are always so freaking creative!! Drink also 'song dit' la right!!!

YES LAH, TIGER IS HAVING A TIGER RUN ALONG WITH NUFFNANG! CLICK to know more about the competition although Im gonna tell you about the competition here but who knows right maybe my interpretation fail dot com oh crap.


There will be 3 RM8,888 wishes to give away - to the first runner up (Male), first runner up (Female) and the Grand Prize winner. Not to forget, the Grand Winner will walk away with additional RM1,888 cash!

Okay I know I'm fat I need more stamina to run! But I don't care even if I can't run also I wanna participate! Well, imagine if I won, TIGER will fullfill my dreams that worth RM 8,888 leh!!! WHO DONT WANT YOU TELL ME!!

Well, MY DREAMS ARE......

Of cause camera lor, if not where got pictures to blog?
- This dream cost me RM 1,748

Iphone very canggih don't care la I want also!! 16 gb please!
This dream a bit costly - RM 2,860

BB BOLD is the bomb, how can it not be listed in my dreams?!!
this one cheaper a bit - RM 1,550

Eh I also like Gucci tote one leh, no money to buy only so of cause it's one of my dreams!!
Wah this is USD $780 which means, RM 2,730!

Haha ngam ngam hou!
Got free gift prize wo confrim use finish right(do it Malaysian style haha)!!!

Now what are you waiting for?
GO GO DO ONE POST, TELL TIGER WHAT'S YOUR DREAM THAT WORTH RM 8,888 THEN SEND IT to - with your full names and blog permalinks so you can stand a chance to join the run!!!!! Only 88 contestant can join you know so you better be fast!!!

Oh, join Tiger Beer's facebook fan page too! I joined so you all join also la kay? :))
CLICK - Tiger Beer.

Now I can't wait till I have my own BB Bold!!!

Hehe I curi curi smile dont wanna let you all see! x


Baboon Tan said...

woah adele! one Iphone & one BB BOLD for? doing big business?

Adele Chow said...

I ter reject you all geh comments :(

vvens: yah la both iphone & bb also i want muaahhaha :P

bryanlyt: lollllll. share share lorrrrrr heh**

jackieloi: sooo cheap one mehhhh, i want!

evo: hhahha :) you will see me there!!! :P

Lyle Gogh said...

waaa reject comments. cis. !

Adele Chow said...

baboon: hahah i want lahh! damn canggih :)) X

serge norguard: noo lahh ter press one lahhhh :((

stephy-nie said...

I alsso wan eh... XD shall join it too!

stephy-nie said...

I alsso wan eh... XD shall join it too!

Adele Chow said...

stephie: yah you should! GO JOIN!! :D

kok huei: haha dontknow yet wo, i feel like going only

yeheng said...

hey adele if u want to buy canon camera can contact me...i help u get special price...cause I use to work @ camera might get cheaper..

Adele Chow said...

ye heng, omg serious? YES I WOULD LOVE TO!!! you are..?

Anonymous said...

If your handphone bill is about RM400 plus, you can get a free Iphone from Maxis. Or if it's lesser, you can get Iphone @ a cheaper rate too.

Huai Bin said...

Wah, very accurate your calculations. Haha! See you at the run Adele! :)

Adele Chow said...

anonymous: lol im using prepaid card still lol thanks for your info yea! :)

huaibin: okie see you too! lol calculator one mah hhaa!

Lyle Gogh said...

cheh, pakai calculator punya orang. pffft

Adele Chow said...

serge: hahaha im a noob la not so geng one hehe :P

Asstounding kukubird said...

iPhone 16GB is 2490 la... mana ada 2800++??