Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another post without pictures

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR &Valentines to all my dear readers! :*)

Well just a quick one to update you guys about my current status right now before I leave to the cousin's place for reunion dinner!

&its not positive what turfff because now I'm super sick. (IKNOWRIGHT) - CNY sick pulak.
As usual, if you followed me on Twitter dot com slash adelechow, you would basically know whats happening already but nevermind la I'm gonna tell you here also one la.

Dad &younger brother is infected by DENGUE FEVER, mum is having some virus bacteria fever while I myself took a blood test & injection yesterday as I'm having high fever, TOOO! sigh!!
The whole family doesn't has the urge to celebrate CNY this year, like seriously. (like now everyone is sleeping/resting while Im on the lappie) SIEN.

Its like in one minute I'm damn 7 hot can literally feel my body's burning &the other second my toes, neck are freezing! VERY VERY VERY SANFU you know..

I drank lotsa 100plus, plain water, papaya leaf water; also took medications that are given by the doctor but I don't see myself getting any better!! Dizzy, head heavy(low blood pressure wo doctor say), body's feeling hot &cold at the same time seriously damn suffering lah!

I really wanna show you guys how red is my face but yah, no pictures also so you all imagine la ha.. SIGH.

Hope you guys will have a great CNY, remember to drink more water &take good care of yourself DONT GET SICK because its damnnnn miserable one! T___T
Oh ya, Valentines? Uhh, no feel at all la this year. SIGH + SIEN.

Kay la enough of ranting already!! Later you all emo me don't read me anymore how!! I know you guys wont right? :*) More post coming up so do come back to adele chow dot com!!!



Anonymous said...

Great post you got here. It would be great to read more about that theme. Thnx for posting this info.

Anonymous said...

take care lu~~~

两面人 said...

happy new years, hi i am new comers, my name ck, happy new yr ok? pls take good care of sick ok? :)

MagicWater said...

U are great in posting, try also think about the environment, then u are perfect!