Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random thoughts


I know I never update frequently again sorryy T____T
College has been real busy as assignments are all out and im so "proud" to say, I've not started on any assignments yet.

Just a random post so bare with me.
If you followed me on Twitter, you'd probably know how emotional I was for the past few days. Don't worry I'm feeling better already but... oh wells, don't ask me why am I emo because me myself couldn't figure it out too.

If you have read me for some time, you would know.. Its been a while since I last had a boyfriend, or should I say, fall in love?
& I'm proudhappy? to say, I'm officially in love with someone now? I can't exactly clarify anything at the moment but.... Well, at least I know when he's around, I'm happy; vice versa. So, we can consider that as love, don't we all do that? (okay I dont need questions from you guys kay thanks hope you guys understand)

"adele chow you like to hurt yourself one lor" - says by my sisters.

Yes maybe I like keeping things to myself hence the hurting part, all I do is protecting my own heart hence the ego-ness always. Just like what all my previous ex's said about me! Hey look, its because I know hurting myself is better than being hurt by else one. No?

I once told myself not to get into relationship for at least a year and well, I've been single for 8-9 months already and no doubt, I really enjoyed my single life so much! At the same time, I felt lonely too when friends around me has a company while I'm all alone, always. On the other hand, I too felt glad staying single every time when I listen to those crazy insane arguments stories from my friends, telling me how bad that guy is, how bitchy that girl is, how sad she is, how weak their relationship is... and stuffs like that. I'm sick of it though.

Okay I don't even know whats the whole point writing these but at least I know I have my readers to share with even if the whole world is not free to listen to me. Thanks for reading, I love you guys :) And.. I know who my loyal readers are :)

Anyway.... maybe I should start sitting down and think properly.
What I really want this time? You tell me. x

Its been a month, baby.


EVo said...

Dont think so much adele. we lup u too ;)

Samuel C said...

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and babe just chillax aite?
you totally need it

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Anonymous said...

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