Thursday, October 22, 2009

Short(not so short) post

Ugh, Im currently at the college student lounge waiting for Miss Tan Tzia Tzia. Its raining outside, and... Im hungry :(

Lets start off with something happy!
For example: Presentation today was awesome, like seriously! I'm happy :)
After all the late nights for the past one week, it was paid off! heh! *jumps yipeeee*
Ohh, and Its FOUR PEE AMM right now, Imma work at 6pm-9pm later. (just giving out portable ash rays lah, no sanfu sanfu one lol)

BTW. Everyone have been saying that I went MIA. -____-
Yeah la I was too busy with too many stuffs mah... Ohwells.
But Im still around! If you called and I didnt pick up, FACEBOOK or TWITT me! Cause I confirm will see one ahhahahaha!!!

I'm pretty stress at the moment. -_____-

Presentation & folio just ended;
but MPP assignment due date is by next Wed, MPP quiz at the same day as well O.O
The following day, Thursday we will be having our ICC quiz. O.O *cries*
(then finals is the following Wednesday ohh my god FML)

Kay la I think I shall STOP mumbling already I shall be happy because Im going for a trip sponsered by Nuffnang yay yay!

A little sneak pic for my next post. :)

Signing out,
adele fatty that needs food now!

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