Monday, October 19, 2009

Commercial, lol.

Its 6 more mins till 6am. *yawns*
I'm not asleep yet, ohwells.

Of cause, with my daily dosage of love, I'm not THAT bored, yet.
I showed them a few blogs and all, they were pretty impressed with some of the bloggers and Aaron was seriously amaze with NuffNang, he claims that they were brilliant enough to come out with this adverts on blog kinda thing.




(HAHAHAHAA I swear I was laughing my shit off, lol)

They came out with this suggestion, and then they went off to poker.
So yeah, I was suppose to complete my assignments & my 2 blog post; guess what? I ended up doing this! (dont ask why because aku pun tak tau why i so free go do this for them -___-)

Their blog header (:

Check em' out! Hhaha, lol.

Okay, its 6.04am already. I better get going now, ciao!
More post coming up!

Signing off,
adele fatty loves her daily dosage's.


eklern said...

I also wanna blog..
I also wanna tweet..

(since you tweet bout my event before..haha)

Anonymous said...

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Adele Chow said...

eklern: ehmmm. you are? sry ya i dont rmb -__-