Monday, October 12, 2009

Adele Chow is back in action!


How're you guys doing? I'm back! (:
Seriously, I miss you guys so badly and thanks all those who supported me all the while by viewing this blog although Im not updating, thank you so much! I know who you guys are (:

My blog was being a Beee-itch thats why I can't update too frequently but I guess it will be fine soon, simon so you heard this? HAHAHAHHA!!!

As usual, outings all over not forgetting the pathetic assignments too. Mhmm..

I've already forgotten where I went, what I did since the day I stopped blogging but I remember I went T-Music Festival with Tzia and I had a great time with Vvens instead. Also went to Arthur's Day recently all thanks to Nuffnang for the Silver Passes! Tzia got herself one pair of invites too, both of us went together bringing Zues & Bryan as our guest. We had a good time, no? (:


It was one of my favourite weekend with ze son and his gang. (:
these are some new faces, no? hhaha.

1) me and the poker ppl as background.
2) im pointing aaron because he's sleeping while tasting the lollipop he bought for us.
3) me doing the PEACE sign with the pretty beach & sky!
4) lying down at the bench
5) HAM YU & I (the salt fish wth)
6) ze mom & ze son, hehhe.

Chose poker instead of Poppy, went mamak after poker, and Sepang Gold Coast it was after mamak.
I had a great time, indeed. (:


Not forgetting Genting with the brothers and sisters weeks ago.
We had a great reunion kinda thing! (:

My life is awesome. Always have, and always will be.

P/S: I miss Jia Shin, Shermaine, Tiff, Hoeyen, Wan Yee! =/
(no I don't miss Tzia because I see her every week. HAHAHA. Heading out with Melisa soon, toodles! )

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