Sunday, June 07, 2009

Even if we never talk again,

do rmb I was once your passerby.

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My head is still a little pain right now, hang over from yesterday I guess?
I can't get my mind on anything now again, help.

Sometimes I feels that the world is against me.

No matter how hard I try, No matter how much I did, I'm still standing at the same point.
It somehow feels like I'm turning round & round, again & again.

I don't even know what have I been doing, what am I doing.

I have to admit I've been very unhappy nowadays.
Or specifically, I cried every single day.

With or without reason?

I'm lost once again, I thought the happiest thing is when I finally manage to let go my ex.
But at this moment, I hope I'm still emo-ing over my past relationship because I know,
the pain in my heart, my mind now is much more than it.

I really, never thought I would fall, so deep. So BLOODY deep.

Its just a very short period of friendship, but I'm loving it more than anything.

I miss his voice, I miss his lame jokes, I miss him playing foos, I miss his everything.
But still, I miss that night at Poppy the most.

I've been really really emotional these days. I hate this Adele Chow.

Why is life always like that?

Same thing, don't bother asking if you really want me to feel better.


The love birds, Ah Joe & Arie.

We went to Shalome located at TTDI yesterday night.

Pretty & classic decor's.

The crowd.

Life band.

11 of us.

I did not drink much, but yes. I K.O-ed.

I don't remember when was the last time I felt like yesterday.
Head spinning non-stop & I don't even remember what I said.

I hate it.

The best part was, I don't even know why my make-ups are gone.

They said, I cried.
They said, I answered everything that Joshie asked me.
They said, I kena psycho 99.

Now I'm telling you, Whatever.


Went up all the way to Genting.

The shortest period of friendship, yet the best bunch of peeps.

You don't judge a friendship by counting how many days you know them.
Because true friends just wouldn't feel awkward even if they are not talking to each other.

If you followed my blog for quite sometimes, you will actually notice that I just met this bunch of peeps.

But I really appreciate them.

- I crack of stupid lame jokes that made them laugh along with me.
- They are the one that saw my stupidity when I myself don't even remember what I did.
- They don't just leave me aside when I'm facing serious depression even though I said I wanna stay alone.
- They don't mind sending me here & there even though I'm leaving miles away from them.

They see me cry,
They see me laugh out loud,
They are the ones that made me a happier person when I'm facing these.

I know it sounds weird, but I really love you guys.

Arie with her pregnant asam.

Hui Sien dear, please get well soon!

Arie, DAI KA JIE ahhh.

Genting is somewhere full with my past memories.
Yesterday night, another piece of sad memory was placed in Genting.


Back to Thursday.
I went MOS not more than 30mins then I headed down to KL for poker session.

Accompany Jie Yi.

Yi Pei was there too.

My sweet friend.

Samie! Was so drunk.

You can HARDLY see her in club.

Samie, Zhen Bon, Grace & Jie Yi.

Je Yue, Wei Wei, Cheryl & Sarah.

Darren, Chili, Jo Han & Nigel.


I left by 12.45am if I'm not mistaken.
Poker session.

I miss playing poker with Daniel, Nick & bunch!

Fred & I won a bit la, for fun only wert.


Watched movie, rmb?

I really gotta start doing my assignments.
Lets pray that I can get my mind outta him.

Guess who's?

Who cares about you?!!!

I care.

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