Thursday, June 11, 2009

" Come lets go watch together... =) "


WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE that reads my blog EVERYDAY,
& then psycho my mum?!

I blog because I wanna keep all my memories with me.
You guys just don't understand, don't you?

I love my mum more than anything, stop it.
I don't know what YOU/YOU GUYS told her but I know all these are hurting her, STOP IT.

Yes, I have bruises all over my left & right hand.
Fetish bruises? Wtf.

Assignments are given one after another.
Not forgetting the group assignments are killing me bit by bit. :(
Argh, why la the foundations students are so relaxing?


Time management, time management, Tsk.

What's in my bag? :)

Jay Chou is still my love.

Wondering since when I started smoking? Lol.


Its an empty ciggy box lar, but I put my phone! *Laughs*
I don't smoke kay, hehe.

Pencil case with my most-important-thing-in-my-life,

My Jay Chou limited edition keychain!
House key lar. Lol.

Water bottle is something that you can always find in my bag.

Girls mah, what to do?

I'm a Taylors student.

My big big mirror that Melisa gave me!

Guess what's this?

Fragrances. (:

Hair clip, hehehe.

My MNG baby!

I love my wallet, lol.

Coins & .....(guess what is that in the middle)

My pictures!
I carry them everyday everywhere okay (:

Part of the cards.

Yeah, that's my IC then my Catholic High School's student ID.
Not forgetting my Juicy babes & Tzia above my IC.

Last but not least, sanitizer!

Thanks to them la, they FOOS my sanitizer IN THIS FOOSBALL TABLE!!!!



I shall end my post with these adorable friends of mine.
Hamtaro & Antonio.

Smile more, Adele? :)

P/s: Its 4.41am right now, another few more hours till our group presentation!
(I'm very nervous yet excited!!!!)



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