Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Shawty get loose!


Its 6.06am in the morning now. I am doing nothing but blog hopping.
I miss the old times. I miss my catholic high school's friend, my chinese society peeps, juniors, seniors so badly!

I really do.
I miss all of you.

p/s: Happy belated birthday Wan Jin! (Although I don't know will you read my blog) Have a great sweet sixteen!


Alright, boring?

I know I can actually do something instead of sitting infront of the com such as: Do some reading - you know what, UNDANG TEST!

Argh, I just cant help it lar please.
Yes, I can't wait to drive but I'm just too lazy to shake my ass off to the stupid driving centre. Sigh!

Drive = drive myself to college everyday?


Is anyone going to Taylor PJ's March Intake for Mass Com Diploma course?

Because I am doing that. Most prolly lar :)
(My most prolly = 80%)

By The Way...

Lol, as you can see, I don't really fancy clubbing that much anymore.
Compare with the olden days (omg sounds so old), you will see the difference.

But suddenly, I've got the urge to dance!
(at the dance floor lar)

I miss the bass, the songs & mostly the atmosphere in a club.

Its too long... Since I hit a club.

Thank God I am going to Mardi the day after tomorrow.
& I guess I will enjoy?

1. Because I already feel like clubbing now.

2. Tons of familiar faces will be there.

3. I just feel like dancing!

4. Its been a while since I've been tipsy. (laughs*)

Still, I am bored of clubs already.
But I don't mind hitting the clubs once in a while! Haha!!

When was the first time I enter a club?
- When I was 14 years old.

Which club is that?
- Flam, Sunway Pyramid.

Why would I enter the club?
- One of my friend's birthday.

Who brought me in?
- Jamie! But Mun Sing, Yu Shi, Chen Quan were all there. (Fuah, those dayssss..)

I can still remember I was so afraid that I cant enter the club with my 14-year-old-little-girl's-attire.

Time flies..

When I was 16, I really do club a lot due to the freedom my dad gave me after PMR.

You might wanna know, why would I enjoy clubbing so much??!

- Because I love the tipsy feelings.
When Im tipsy, I'm brave enough to just dance & I don't need to worry is anyone noticing me because everyone is busy dancing, drinking..
No one will go like: " Woi Adele dancing leh! "

- I had tons of funs with all of my friends in club.
Alcohol made my friends go crazy. They might be shy, quiet all times but when they are in a club, the just enjoy themself, or I can say: Express themself?

There are more reasons but mainly is because, Its real fun!

Of cause, clubbing do have bad sides too.
I still remember the bad experience I had when I was in Barcelona.
(not gonna say it out here)

Futhermore, you get to see different kinda people in clubs.
Especially the desperate ones & the weird ones.

Ex: Girls that just strip infront of everyone, kissing with anonymous, over react when they dance..Or anonymous guys that try to stick to you, touch you & give you his horny face/smile. Imagine how annoying it can be! Tsk Tsk.

That's why, club is dangerous.


Who does't like parties?

Oh, I love partying! *wide smile*





Thank you. (:

" Give me a kiss first bi! "

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