Monday, January 26, 2009

Let me think about it.

"Mmmm.. Let me think about it! Hmmmm.."

Hows Chinese New Year everyone? ;p

I'm lovin' it! With all the Gong-xi-fa-cai songs spreading all around the ear, I just cant resist to feel the happiness & laughters! The great foods? Not forgetting the best part of CNY, angpaos! (:
Oh ya did I mentioned GAMBLING? Lol Yes that is one of the best part too! Haha. Mahjong, Black Jack.. Haha!

"Ahhh! Whatever. Do you think I care? Lol."

I went Barcelone the day before yesterday along with Sher, Tiff, Sue Anne, Jiashin & Sher's parents!!!
Omg, you cant believe this. Their parents are the one that suggested hit the club & they were so sporting! Awww. What a cute parents Sher & Tiff have! (:

We had a lot of fun because its been a while since we girls club together. The best part is, Barcardi Apple! Smooth, Delicious! *wink*

Not forgetting the gossipping part, Girls, girls, girls. What to do? Hah!

Went over to sher's house (:

The HOT Leong sisters.

Sue Anne, Myself, Sher & Tiff.

My heart.

Now I know who's the one that really treats me right.

I love you two!

Bunny Tiffy! Lol.

Yes, Barcelona was.. FUN.

I, Sher, Sue Anne, Jiashin & Tiff.

The one that really cares for me.

Cause we rock like that!

Jiashin, Sue Anne, Myself, Shermaine & Tiffany.

Oh & I just got a few pictures taken in Zouk last few days.

Myself, Jiashin & Junee(Brad's sis)

Myself, Jiashin & Brad.

& I went gambling at Jer Shen's place yesterday night along with Nicole, Manda, Sarah, Isaac, Jiashin & Dao(something like that right?) ;p

I bet you guys will never forget these:

Now I realize who's the fake one, who's the real one that really loves me.
Next post, talk bout betraying & trust.
I'm out!

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