Sunday, November 30, 2008

I wanna make love right (nanana) :D

Shit man,

I think I will like "YOU" someday. 


(shhh...) :D

Btw, its 5.34am now. I'm still awake. Haha! Boringgg... Lol.

Oh not forgetting to tell you readers:

I'm officially single! Wooohooo!

I dumped my ex-boyfriend 9hours ago. (which means its around 8pm)
Hm, at that moment because I felt there's something wrong between us & I think its time to end our relationship.

(Manatau really got something wrong?! Lol.)

Few hours later, people started to tell me that he had something on with another girl on our 1st month anniversary (Coupling with me but go XXX(hug/kiss?) with another girl? Sounds so wrong! Ish, Haha!)

So yeah, I went to Mardigrass justnow since they were there.
I saw them hugging each other, damn sweet kissing somemore!
Awww, how sad. 

But I'm glad because I actually asked for a break up before he dump me :)
I thought I will be super fucking sad.
But, surprisingly, I'm okay :)

So yeah, I dumped you Jeffrey Kew Chee Leong! Laughs*

(Hah, Jeffy I bet you're reading this. Chilling la, Lol!)

Have fun with your new chick & don't forget to hang out with me yo!
Rmb that you're my dad that sets curfew for me? Heh  ;p

TWO MORE DAYS & I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

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